Official KULT: Divinity Lost resources

Quickplay Scenario: Oakwood Heights

November 2016. We follow a group of people from the Detroit DA’s office and the local Police Force partaking in a crime scene reconstruction. Soon we learn that everyone has a hidden agenda as the story unfolds.

Quickplay Scenario: La Cena

Miami 1967. The Cruz family is preparing a seven course dinner for their eldest son who is returning from Cuba with the last Freedom Flight. The city trembles in the summer heat and so are the tensions and hidden frustration in the Cruz family.

Quickplay Scenario: Island of the Dead

On the 12th of June 2013, flight DY13001 leaves Bangkok, Thailand. After just over an hour it crashes into the stormy sea. A few survivors drift ashore on a remote island. They have to adapt and survive in the strange jungle and try to get away before the island will devour them.

Quickplay Scenario: The Atrocity Exhibition

At an exclusive midnight showing at the Cecil Torne Art Centre in the autumn of 2017, the complete works of Guy Vaquelines entire Triumph De La Mort collection will be displayed. What no ones knows is that the paintings are infused with magic and bringing them together like this will have unexpected consequences.

Quickplay Scenario: The Laraine Estate

In the late summer of 2018, a famous youtuber and urban explorer goes missing while breaking into the Laraine Estate, an old mansion with a long history. Deep beneath the old mansion something lurks, and drives people into lust and perversions.

Quickplay Scenario: The Summit

The Monarch, a skyscraper existing in Elysium as well as in Inferno. A borderland of struggle and violence. Each floor is filled with gruesome scenes and madness and in the top floor the Architect of this mad construction awaits.

Scenario: Galllery of Souls

The Gallery of Souls is a scenario for the horror role-playing game KULT: Divinity Lost. The player characters are sent to find an artist named Christian Starker and escort him to their employer, but find themselves caught between a Death magician and a Lictor instead. This story takes place mainly in Los Angeles, January 1951. The city is chilly and full of fog
and the inescapable dampness brought on by constant drizzle.

Scenario: An Echo from the Past

This classic KULT scenario was written in 1991 and has now been translated and re-released for KULT: Divinity Lost. It revolves around mysterious events that leads to the Vatican and a Dark Messiah. Seals are broken and the Player Characters becomes more and more powerful but who are they? And what is their destiny?

Reference Sheet: Player Moves

The basic player moves for easy access during the game

Character Sheet

Character Sheets for character generation. Four variants available – general, sleeper, aware and enlightened.

Tarot Card Rules

Rules for the Tarot Cards


Kult-themed postcards


Community resources

Fillable PDF Character Sheet

Fan-made fillable PDF Character Sheet (by Jarosław Wychodek)