Frequently Asked
Support Questions

For general inquiries or support matters, email

Q: I didn't lock my order in Pledge Manager in time, what should I do?
A: Complete this form to request shipping: Late Fulfillment Request Form

Q: How do I download my free PDF?
A: If your physical book includes a free PDF code, follow these steps:

  1. locate the code inside the book (for the 4th Edition Core Rules, the code is placed on a random page, so flip through the book carefully to locate the note with the PDF code),
  2. log on to
  3. find the PDF you want to download (e.g. Core Rules PDF)
  4. place it in the cart
  5. use the PDF code (without any space!) to retrieve it for free.

For support, contact Modiphius:  Modiphius Contact Form

Q: Will KULT: Divinity Lost be released in other languages than English and if so, when will they be released?
A: Yes. We are looking into translating the game with local partners for the following languages (more languages may follow, but no plans as of today): French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German. We will announce partnerships on our Facebook page as we sign with local partners.